The gummy smile

The gummy smile


When it comes to the lips, symmetry is important. When one of your lips looks bigger than the other, you’ll definitely take notice because they’re a noticeable part of your face.

This young woman from Oakland had been feeling self-conscious of her own lips. For most of her life, she had always looked at pictures of people with “ideal” lips, wishing that hers would be just as full. When she came into my San Francisco office for a consultation, she asked me if it was possible for her lips to look just like how she always wanted them to. I told her that by using dermal filler injections, we could help her lips look fuller without compromising her facial structure’s harmony.


During our examination, we discovered what the real issue with this patient’s lips was. Her lower lip already had a sufficient amount of volume, yet her upper lip was lacking this. (The ideal upper to lower lip ratio is 40/60). This was easily mended with two applications of Juvederm Ultra to both lips in order to bring in a much-needed new sense of balance.


After two treatments is less than a month, this patient is finally comfortable with the way her lips look and feel. They’re not “plastic” or “overdone”. They have the kind of volume that she had admired in all of the pictures she’d seen for years, but tailor made according to her face’s own unique needs. Now that’s a thought that puts a smile on my own lips.

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