Face implants

Face implants


Athletic young woman from Sacramento, now living in San Francisco wanting lip augmentation. She had had her lips done several times before and was somewhat discouraged by the inconsistency of the results. She also wanted information on permanent treatments, like implants, Radiesse injection, or surgical procedures. She consulted with Dr. Alharkan about her options.


In talking with her, the first thing I did was to persuade her not to have a permanent procedure performed. The lip implants are at times palpable and not very natural appearing. There is also risk of infection. The surgical procedures leave a scar and Radiesse is no longer recommended for lip augmentation because of the risk for nodule formation. The second thing I noticed was a slight asymmetry in the upper lips. The left side had a slightly different shape. She hadn’t noticed this and was eager to improve the asymmetry.”


She was very satisfaction with the treatment. We recommend touch-up treatments every 6-9 months to maintain optimal results.

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