Head Ache

Head Ache

About our patent

This patient had been grinding her teeth at night for the past 10 years and would often wake with headaches. After receiving a personal referral, she decided to visit Dr. Alharkan at his San Francisco office for TMJ treatment using neuromodulators (like BOTOX or Dysport).

Dr. Alharkan’s treatment plan

This patient is not only a great example of the benefits of neuromodulators to relieve the discomfort caused by TMJ and teeth grinding, but also the ability of neuromodulators to slim and contour the face.

After speaking to the patient regarding her teeth grinding we discussed adding Dysport to her masseter muscle to help relieve the discomfort. I also informed her that she will most likely see a slimming to the masseter muscle due to the Dysport treatment.

I injected 90 units of Dysport to each masseter muscle for her first treatment and 60 units for her second treatment about 20 days after. She loved the fact that she was no longer clenching her jaw but even more so the unexpected contouring of her face!

She decided to return for Juvederm Voluma to her chin to add a little projection and enhance her results further.

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