Around the eye

Around the eye

Seeing is Believing

Nothing can add years to your appearance like bags and dark circles under the eyes. Heavy eyelids are another culprit, creating a perpetually tired look. Men have traditionally accepted the fatigued appearance — even when it appears relatively early in life. That’s changing, as an increasing number of men now understand that injectables can help them look more youthful and refreshed.

Energizing the Eyes

Your eyes often begin showing signs of aging earlier than other areas of the face, which is why enhancing the eye area with fillers like Restylane®, is so popular at Dr. Alharkan’s San Francisco practice. Concerns like dark circles, bags, and drooping can creep up on you as early as your 20s or 30s, detracting from one of your face’s most alluring features. Fortunately, the skilled use of today’s remarkable dermal fillers can correct all of these things, restoring a vibrant appearance and enhancing the overall attractiveness of your face.

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